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Word Search with analog clocks. Analog Time Practice Puzzles. Free Word Seek with Analog Watches. Crossword Puzzles for telling time.

Word Search with Analog Clocks

Learning to tell time is fun with these Word Search puzzles. Games are the best way to learn, so let them have fun! The game includes 30 printable sheets each with a numbers and watches. Download, print and laminate if you wish. Very easy!

  • In early grades, the analog clock provides a way to "see" elapsed time as the movement of the hands of the clock,
  • it provides a fraction model,
  • as a model for angles as a rotation, particularly as related to a full 360 degree protractor model,
  • for visualizing the number line,
  • for an introduction to modular arithmetic also known as "clock arithmetic", at older ages
  • to give relative directions (most often in military context) by using the clock dial analogy you're at the centre and each number between 1 and 12 is a direction. For example, "Enemy at o'clock" would mean that the enemy is to the left and slightly behind you.

Several boxes of the puzzle have drawings of clocks marking different times, with the exact position of the both hands, as well as hands of different colors. The minute hand is red.

Children should know how to read the time marked on the clocks to complete the activity. By doing this, they associate the hours represented in analog form with the digital reading. Each crossword contains 26 wall clocks for which you have to find their respective digital times.

Skills practiced: counting, numbers, telling the time (analog and digital).

In the same way in the newspaper word searches, children can help themselves find the times of the clocks using the options around the corresponding clock as clues, they will be able to verify their answers and this feedback will help them gain confidence in the interpretation of the position of the hands.

Print the sheets [PDF Document] on cardboard and laminate them if you do not want to discard the sheets, so children can reuse them by writing with erasable ink markers.

Use the password to open the PDF file.