Graphing Worksheets

Single quadrant graphing pictures worksheets. Graphing Worksheets for children. 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, and 6th Grade. How to teach the coordinate plane? Graphing Coordinates activities. Free Math Games.

Learn how to draw shapes using the cartesian plane studied in elementary school. Locate points formed by ordered pairs of numbers or cartesian coordinates to create shapes.

Coordinates Drawings

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The student does not need to know how to draw the coordinate plane because each worksheets has a grid, like graphing paper. First, locate the first ordered pair using the numbers in the X axis and the Y axis of the graphing box. After drawing a point there, the student draws a line to the next coordinate. Keep on locating points and drawing lines for all the coordinates, but cut the line when you see the scissors icon. Start a new line when you see the icon.

Graphing Worksheets

These worksheets are ideal for primary school boys and girls who love to draw shapes of animals, flowers or vehicles for example. They'll see their drawings start to reveal a shape, and that will give then feedback to fix mistakes. The first shapes are easy and they gradually include more coordinates and lines, they become more challenging.

The document includes worksheets with a heart, a house, a rabbit, a boat, a helicopter, a cat, a duck, a turkey, a jeep, a car, a train, a sun, a plant, a man, a ship, a tiger and a flower.

The first worksheets have pictures that use the first quadrant, only positive numbers. Futher along, the worksheets start using two quadrants, either quadrants I and II or quadrants I and IV. Finally, the children should use the four quadrants of the plane to trace the figure. This last page contains the coordinate plane with its two axes clearly marked.

This is a very entertaining a fun way to see the use of the coordinate system in Mathematics as a game. It's a much more practical way to teach the subject than the traditional approach using quizzes with questions like, what are the features of a coordinate plane? how to make a coordinate plane? how to draw in the coordinate plane? how many quadrants does it have? how many axis? how is it used?

The file is in PDF [PDF Document] format and consists of an activity booklet containing 17 figures to draw, of increasing difficulty. Each one on a separate worksheet ready for printing.