Divisibility Rules Coloring Worksheet

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Mystery Pictures with Divisible Number

A number is divisible by another number if it is a true multiple of the other number, or if the division problem does not have a remainder.

  • 24 is divisible by 3 because 24 3 = 8 with no remainder.
  • 25 is not divisible by 3 because it would have a remainder of 1.

Numbers that are divisible by 2 are called even numbers. Numbers that are not divisible by 2 are called odd numbers.

The ability to determine if a numbers is divisible by another number is useful when working on factoring and simplifying fractions.

Students love to do puzzles and color. No matter what time of day it is or what part of the school year it is, they are always so excited when they get the opportunity to do a puzzle or color. Do you have students like this?

These activities combine both a puzzle and coloring while they also have students learn/practice/master different math and literacy skills. The suspense of what the picture will turn out to be makes this activity so engaging.

In this particular bundle students should color in all the cells in the grid that can be divided, without remainder, by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11, and leave the other cells empty. If they do it correctly they'll end up with a clear picture of something fun. For this type of mystery picture they'll only need one coloring pencil, that way they'll be able to concentrate on the task at hand better, without having to switch colors all the time. The bundle includes 21 unique pictures. Each picture comes with a full answer page.

Students can check their work by spotting something off with their picture or by checking the answer sheets when they feel they are done with their work. By solving these puzzles students will practice their divisibility rules.

Download and print the Mystery Picture pages [PDF Document]. Use the password worksheets.site to open the PDF file.