Number Cards with Factorization Diagrams

2 to 100 Number Cards with Factorization Diagrams. Number identification to 100. Counting cards Activities to teach children to count numbers multiplicatively. Dots in different configurations. Cards to learn to subitize bigger numbers.

Image: cards factorization diagrams

1. Factorization Diagrams to 100

Many have discovered Brent Yorgey´s cool factorization diagrams. They seem like a great way to teach multiplication and factorization to children. In his blog post Brent presented diagrams up to 36. These cards go up to 100. We think the stethic decisions we have made here help in the identification of composing patterns. Additionally, the subpatterns are enumerated as the factors of the composite number, in the backside of the cards.

The cards can be used to talk about how numbers can be thought of as a certain ammount of dots in a group and how the dots corresponding with some numbers can be easily arranged in subgroups of equal size, while others cannot. This leads directly to the concepts of divisibility and factoring.

Patterns similar to the ones in the cards are discussed in the book Mindset Mathematics: Visualizing and Investigating Big Ideas, Grade 4 by Jo Boaler under the topic "Seeing Patterns Inside Numbers", as mentioned by Dorothy Matheson Dalton.

Image: mindset mathematics jo boaler

A variation of the Factors and Multiples chain game can be played with these cards following the rules of the Factor Dominoes game by Robert Woodley.

Another way to use this cards is to do multiplication with them, for example, by presenting the patterns for 5 and 7, and then the pattern for 35, as follows:

Image: factorization diagrams multiplication

This file contains 99 pattern cards, 3 cards per page for a total of 33 pages. Print the sheets on thick paper. Cut each card and fold it in half vertically, then glue the front with the back. Make cards with different point patterns and show them to your students. They can be printed and laminated if you plan to use them constantly. Download it in PDF format [PDF Document]. Use the password to open it.