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Factor Captor Plus is a great game to incorporate in your classes. It would help many children practice their multiplication facts because most children do not know their multiplication facts. Factor Captor would also improve children's knowledge. Children who hadn't practiced their multiplication facts in a while would get great brain exercise. It would also help kids who just started learning prime and composite numbers to get more of a background. Many children would prefer this game because it will help them remember their multiplication facts. It is very important to learn and memorize your multiplication facts because you will probably use them the rest of your school life. Factor Captor's purpose is for you to find factors of numbers and for you to remember your facts. I think that is the perfect way to teach kids without them sleeping!

Factor Captor is a fantastic brain exercise for students. The game will refresh many children's memories about math. Especially for children who just came back from vacation, it will really encourage their brains to think. Factor Captor will really challenge children because they´ll have to figure out a strategy to win. They have to make sure they capture all the factors and it will keep the gears in their heads going.

Many children in fifth grade start learning about prime and composite numbers. Factor Captor is a phenomenal game that will test children´s skills on primes and composites. Factor Captor is a very appropriate and educational game to enjoy.


On your turn, throw one die first and then another to form a number. For example, a 3 and then a 6 form the number 36.

Announce a prime factor of the number you got. For example, 36 has a factor of 2, because 362 is 18. Your partner will check it in a table of prime factors. Now, find the factor on your board and put one of your chips there. If there is no empty space, your turn ends.

In this same turn you can continue announcing other factors, verifying, and marking them with chips on the board. For example, since 36 was turned into 18, a factor of 18 is another 2, because 182 is 9. Make another 2 with another chip. A factor of 9 is 3. Marks the 3 with another chip ...

If you can not find more factors, your turn ends. The winner is the first player to fill a row and a column of your board.


2 players.


  • 2 Dice
  • 1 Printable Board Game for each game play.

Download the PDF [PDF Document]. Use the password worksheets.site to open the PDF file.