Alphabet Train Poster

Printable poster of alphabet train for classroom wall. Free Printable Alphabet Letters. Whole alphabet each letter in a separate page. Complete set of letters. Uppercase and Lowercase Letters. Free ABC letter size posters. Script Writing Letters. Capital and small alphabet. Uppercase and lowercase manuscript style examples.

Alphabet Train Poster

Print handwriting style, also known as block letters, printscript, ball and stick, or manuscript, is a writing style where letters are individual glyphs and not conjoined.

Print (manuscript) handwriting is what most schools and preschools start with, for letter formation and recognition. After children are taught how to write in block letters, they sometimes advance to work with joined (cursive) writing.

Ideally, a child should not be learning to print a letter of the alphabet until these pre-writing lines (Vertical, Horizontal, Circle, Cross shape, Right/Left Diagonal Line, Square, X shape, and Triangle) are mastered. However, most children entering Kindergarten (age 5) are already expected to know how to write their names and also form most letters of the alphabet.

Print or manuscript handwriting involves hand-eye coordination as well, however, each letter starts at a new point and a student needs to be able to pick up the pencil and place it at the appropriate starting point of each letter in order to produce legible work that is also spelled correctly.

Capital letters are usually easier for a child to learn first since they do not involve as many circle shapes as lower case and also the starting points are typically at the top of the line.

This set of printable letter-size posters [PDF Document] can be strung together to form a toy train with 26 cars. Each sheet contains both lower and upper case letters. Print on cardstock and laminate for durability. Use the password to open the file.