Cursive Handwriting Practice

Cursive Handwriting Worksheets. Uppercase and lowercase script practice. Write complete words in cursive handwriting. Caligraphy worksheets. Alphabet Tracing. Majuscules and Minuscules. Handwriting practice.

Cursive Handwriting Practice

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Handwriting is a functional thing, intended for communicating and recording thought. It is to be read, and therefore legibility is an essential virtue. By also expressing personality it has a value that is appreciated by everybody.

How worth-while when handwriting interests the writer and pleases the reader. How satisfying when something ordinary and commonplace is raised towards the beautiful. Just as speech can be a delightful vehicle of words and thoughts, so too can handwriting; and so language is served.

The worksheets contain:

  • Numerous short words in English that can be used conveniently in the early stages of learning to later make more complex words. It contains 3 o 4 short words for each starting letter of the alphabet in lowercase.
  • It contains 2 pages of capital letter practice with selected short names.
  • Exercises or drills in contrasting movements which would help to develop the ability to switch from clockwise to counter-clockwise movements.
  • Several words in English which make good exercises in the contrasting movements.
  • In addition to the clockwise and counter-clockwise letters are the angular letters v, w, and y. Drills to embrace these letters are included.
  • To make v distinct from r when writing quickly may present some difficulty, and therefore a line is included as a drill to teach the distinctive movements.

This download contains the booklet [PDF Document] with all of the worksheets needed to learn and practice cursive writing.