Number Tracing Worksheets for Preschoolers

Number Tracing Worksheets. Cursive Tracing of Numbers. Trace the names of numbers in Script. Number writing practice worksheets. Improve your writing of numbers. Handwriting practice.

Number Tracing Worksheets

You can print these worksheets to help your kids learn how to write numbers. If you don't have a number writting workbook, you can print these worksheets, and photocopy them so they can do the exercises. You can print them over and over again until your child is confident in writing her numbers.

Or you can laminate them and use them with washable or dry erase markers (We actually prefer Crayola washable markers over dry erase ones).

Anyway, these number tracing worksheets are also a perfect activity for the beginning of the school year. As always, they are ready-to-go and hassle-free.

The cards show how the digits are traced so that they can write them correctly from their first experiences with numbers.

In the first half of the page students are expected to follow the patters of the words and write the names of the numbers: one, two, three, etc. The first rows are for demonstration and have the names and numbers outlined with a dotted line. The following rows only contain the guided line and students are expected to imitate the first rows. In the second half of the page students are expected to trace the digits of numbers.

Do not burden your children with too much copywork or handwriting at one time. Keep practice sessions short, but require neat work from your child at each sitting. With young children, rather get them to write 3 very neat numbers than complete a whole row that are badly written.

This file [PDF Document] contains a worksheet for each number. Use the password to open the PDF file.