Free Preschool Workbooks

The Mouse Preschool Workbook. Preschool worksheets for coloring, counting, tracing, pattern selection, pattern coloring, and association. Colorful worksheets for kindergarten. No reading instructions needed. Cute worksheets for younger students.

Preschool Workbook Book 1

Pre-mathematics color worksheets. This is beautifully ilustrated workbook with a collection of pre-math sheets for kindergarten students. At the top of each sheet comes a box with what to do is presented in graphic way. The children themselves can quickly figure them out on their own. The first two pages contain pictures that need to be cut with scissors and then glue them at the bottom of the following pages. Children need to identify the corresponding pictures by their outlines, and the context of what is being illustrated.

The workbook includes sheets for

  • tracing several different shapes, circles, loops, geometric figures, that will gradually improve their hand coordination for writing practice later,
  • selecting the right number of counted objects asociated with a number,
  • coloring objects with the colors that correctly match a certain repeating pattern,
  • crossing off elements of a set that are not the same as the rest of the elements of the set,
  • drawing lines form digits to sets with a certain number of elements,
  • coloring landscapes with the appropriate colors with attention to detail,
  • selecting the correct number after counting a set of objects or animals,
  • selecting objects according to their symetry,
  • and more

Our printable worksheets are a great supplement for families who want to practice at home what's being taught in school. This download contains the workbook [PDF Document] with all of the worksheets described above, as a first introduction to basic math concepts, tracing, coloring practice. Use the password to open the PDF file.