Cursive Writing made Easy and Fun

Cursive Tracing. Capital and small cursive alphabets. Caligraphy worksheets. Alphabet Tracing. Uppercase and lowercase letter practice. Majuscules and Minuscules. Handwriting practice. Caligraphy worksheets for adults and teenagers. How can teens improve their writing style.

Cursive Writing Worksheets

Handwriting is a functional thing, intended for communicating and recording thought. It is to be read, and therefore legibility is an essential virtue. By also expressing personality it has a value that is appreciated by everybody.

How worth-while when handwriting interests the writer and pleases the reader. How satisfying when something ordinary and commonplace is raised towards the beautiful. Just as speech can be a delightful vehicle of words and thoughts, so too can handwriting; and so language is served.

1. General Letter Practice Procedures

These five steps should guide all the letter practice in this section:

  1. First, preview the letter you will introduce on the board before passing out the practice sheet. Then give each child a copy of the page with the letters you are introducing. (Give out pages one at a time, staying in order.)
  2. Together, examine the letters students will be practicing. Slowly demonstrate each letter on the board as you tell the letter´s “story” (found at the beginning of each practice row).
  3. Next, have students “air trace” each letter holding their thumb and first two fingers together and forming the new letter in the air, as you tell the “story” again.
  4. Then, ask students to pick up their pencils and try one letter on the line provided on their paper. Monitor progress, checking to see that students have understood the basic strokes. If they haven´t, take each student´s hand in yours and, one by one, guide it through the strokes.
  5. Invite students to complete one row of the letter, compare it to the model, and circle their best letter in the row. Once they have mastered the letter, they can move on to practicing letter joinings in the “Connect It!” section of each page. Cursive Folders Have students designate a folder to hold all their finished practice sheets.

This download contains the book [PDF Document] with all of the worksheets needed to learn and practice cursive writing, beginning with "writing-patterns", such as those taught by the late Marion Richardson, which are based upon letters or upon the principal movements in writing minuscules. Use the password to open the PDF file.