Dot to Dot Sums

Connect the dots by solving 2 digit sums. Games to work with sums. Free printable worksheets to practice with sums. Dot-to-dot puzzles to learn math operations. Pastimes and activities for 4th to 6th graders.

Dot to dot Sums

How to practice 2-digit sums? This resource has 25 figures formed by connecting dots with lines using two-digit addition operations. The starting dot, marked with a square, corresponds with a sum that totals 100. That dot must be joined to a dot that sums in 1, that one with a dot that sums 2, and so on.

The first few pictures are simple with few dots. The last few pictures have more dots and can be entertaining for high school teenagers or adults as well, since they are more difficult. The idea is to connect the dots without lifting the pencil, that is, without taking off the pencil from the paper, you have to join dots forming shapes that can then be colored.

The document contains 100 pages, 4 pages (a, b, c, d) for each figure. In these four pages, the only thing that changes are the operations to be solved by the child. So if these four sheets are given to four different children, they can check each other results by comparing them, as a game. This allows them to play and learn on their own, without the need for an adult to review operations.

The cards are in PDF [PDF Document] format. The games to connect the dots are very entertaining for children and help them practice addition operations. Use the password to open the PDF file.