Multiplication Facts Worksheets

Multiplication Tables Worksheets. Activities to review basic multiplication facts. Review exercises for each multiplication table.

Multiplication Facts Worksheets

We all know that learning multiplication is an essential part of our children's primary education. Students who master multiplication gain a solid foundation in math that will help them throughout school, middle school, and beyond.

Why do children need to memorize the multiplication tables?

Like learning to walk before you can run, learning to multiply and memorize the multiplication tables are foundational to other math topics taught in school: higher learning like division, multi-digit multiplication, fractions, and algebra. Students who have not memorized their multiplication tables will find these math concepts much more difficult. There is no time to pull out a calculator or take 20 seconds to work out a mathematical strategy before finding the answer. Students who don't master their tables will often fall behind in math (and other subjects that use it) and begin to lose confidence. All because they did not memorize the multiplication tables!

Knowing the multiplication tables is useful not only academically; we often use multiplication in our daily lives. We may need it when doubling a prescription, determining a store discount, or calculating our expected time of arrival when traveling. Mathematical calculations are subconscious elements in work, play, and daily tasks. Knowing the tables can help simple tasks get done quickly and save time and stress.

The memorization work can be made more fun through music, games, activities and cards like these [PDF Document] that, by repetition, reinforce the multiplication facts. Use the password to open the file.