Math Facts Football Game

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Math Facts Football Game

1. Rules

Choose the math operations the two players or two teams will practice in this football match. There are several different mechanisms to generate math facts to solve: dice, calculators, cards, spinners, worksheets, randomizers, computer programs, apps.

Each player chooses one side of the field. Use a chip as a ball and place it in the center of the field.

To win the match, four goals must be scored to the opponent. WHO WILL WIN THE MATCH?

  • To move the ball cross the field to the opposite goal, you must answer the operations that come up, one by one. You only have one opportunity to give the right answer.
  • If the answer is correct, the player has made a magnificent pass, and the ball is at the feet of player 1. Move the chip to circle N°1.
  • Go to the next problem. Continue this way until the ball is placed in circle N°5, just in front of the opponent's goal.
  • The turn now passes to the other team, who will try to clear the ball. Start a new cycle of 5 problems.
  • Each time you get it right, the ball must move one position, away from your goal and closer to your opponent's, until the series of 5 problems ends.
  • Each time you get a group of five questions right, the ball must pass to the next player.
  • At that moment the ball changes team again.
  • When it is your turn again, you start a new set of five questions.
  • If the player who has control of the ball gives a wrong answer, the turn changes player, his opponent will pick up the ball where it was and plays to get his goal, starting a new cycle of 5 problems.
  • If two whole teams are playing, give each member of the team a question in succesion, until each player has answered a question, then start over with the first player.

To verify the answers, the other player can make use of math facts tables of all the operations or a pocket calculator.

Download and print the page with the soccer field in the PDF file [PDF Document]. Use the password to open the PDF.

You will need a marker or a chip used as a soccer ball. Follow the rules of the game and enjoy the competition.