Unlock Adding Fractions

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Link with lines Adding Fractions

1. Description

How to practice fractions in a fun way? Try solving these link-with-lines puzzles. Create the appropriate key to open the corresponding lock: color the precise amount of slices and then join the key with its correct lock with a line. In each of the 3 puzzles, each key opens only one of the three locks.

Image: unlocking fractions explanation c

Since each of the keys must match with one corresponding lock, there is immediate feedback for the child who is doing it wrong. If you use a key with the wrong lock, then you will no longer have that lock for the correct key.

In addition, the solutions of the puzzles of the odd pages are at the bottom of the even pages, and vice versa. For example, the above key puzzle solution is encoded like this:

Image: unlocking fractions explanation d

It means that:

  • On the cake corresponding to first key you have to color 5 slices and link it with the third padlock.
  • On the cake corresponding to the second key you have to color 7 slices and join it with the second padlock.
  • On the cake corresponding to the third key you have to color 5 slices and join it with the first padlock.

1.1. Importance of immediate feedback

Immediate feedback, and the possibility of correcting errors as soon as we make them, are very effective when we do not have a teacher or tutor present.

Feedback promotes autonomy and self-learning. It is the student who discovers errors and makes correction the moment they arise. Students can work on their own, and at their own pace, making the materials more adaptable to each individual.

Feedback can be a very powerful motivator and promote personal goals to overcome the next task.

In summary, immediate feedback has the potential to help academic performance, promote motivation, self-regulation and self-efficiency, allowing students to narrow the gap between their current performance and their desired performance.

The file has 20 pages with 3 fraction puzzles like the one in the image. The student should think things through before starting to color sectors because it is not simply a matter of counting the parts into which the circles / pizzas / pies are divided to determine which key should open which lock. Notice how the first key was linked with the third lock because 1/2 + 3/9 = 1/2 + 1/3 = 3/6 + 2/6 = 5/6

The file is in PDF format [PDF Document], and this is a pencil and paper activity that does not require preparation. Students only need the printed sheets and a coloring pencil to start solving personal puzzles. The student must color pie slices and match them with lines. Use the password worksheets.site to open the PDF file.