Fractions Dominoes

Free Fraction Dominoes game. 36 Printable Dominoes tiles. Free Mathematical Dominoes. Practice fractions with this version of the classic Dominoes game. Free Math Games.

Fractions Dominoes Print Game

How to make a dominoes game? Math can and should be enjoyable... even fun sometimes. A dominoes math game favors learning math. Kids will love this exciting experience. Works great for large groups of kids or a whole math class.

1. How to Play Fractions Dominoes

Dominoes Fractions can be played in the classroom or at home. You can start in a very simple way. Once the dominoes tiles have been downloaded and printed, you can consider laminating them so you can use them again and again, or use them only once if you prefer.

Dominoes is a game for 2, 3 or 4 players. It consists of 36 cards with 9 different values. Each value appears in 8 tiles, in four tiles the fraction appears as the number, that is, numerator and denominator of a reduced fraction, and in four tiles it appears as a graphic representation of the fraction, either in proper or improper form. Fractions are represented in four different ways: pies, polygons, bars, and blocks. Print and cut free math dominoes.

Cooperative mode

  • The 36 tiles are shared among players and placed face up.
  • Groups of 4 students is form and the 4 will play together.
  • This mode is about students discovering together the 9 fractions that appear in the domino set and ordering them from smallest to largest.
  • They will finish the activity forming a domino arragement together.

Competitive mode

  • Four players play in pairs, forming two teams.
  • 6 tiles are dealt per player and placed face up.
  • The youngest player starts. Continuing with the player on your right. If you can not place a tile, you lose your turn.
  • Next the player on your right places their chip on one end of the chain of tiles. You should always put a tile next to another that has an equivalent value. If you can not place a tile, you lose your turn.
  • The team which places a wrong tile is penalized with a point and the play is rectified.
  • A team wins the game when one of their players manages to place all his/her tiles.

Additional Notes

  • The losing team counts the tiles they have not been able to place and writes down their team penalty points on a sheet of paper.
  • The game is repeated and the points of each game are added.
  • The team that gets the least points wins the whole game.
  • The file contains 2 sheets to print with large dominoes so that students and the teachers can easily manipulate them.
  • The document is in PDF format [PDF Document] and is approximately 10kB.

2. Preparation and Materials

  1. Get sheets of paper to keep score.
  2. Print the Dominoes Cards. Use the password to open the PDF file.
  3. Cut the playing tiles.