100 Numbers Group Task

"100 Numbers Group Activity" Sheets. 8 different number arrangements. Free Printable 100 numbers sheets. Fun math activities for the first week of school. Beginning of the year group activity for math class. Number identification to 100.

Image: 100 numbers activity sheets

1. Goal

Students will name features of good group work in a safe beginning of the year activity.

2. Task Description

This activity from Sara VanDerWerf is a keeper. Refer to her original blog post 100 Numbers to Get Students Talking, for details and additional ideas.

Image: patterns 100 numbers

3. Suggestions

This file contains the 8 different arrangements of numbers: 4 arrangements for 3 sectors (useful for 3 team members) and 4 arrangements for 4 sectors (for 4 or 5 players). Download it in PDF format [PDF Document]. Use the password worksheets.site to open it.