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Free Printable Blokus board with pieces

Download and print the Blokus boardgame. If you don't want to go through the hassle of finding and buying the board and you have a printer, simply download this 2-page PDF and print it. You'll get a neat mini game in an instant.

Printable board game [PDF Document]. Use the password to open the PDF file.

  • 2 Players
  • Play time: 15 Mins.
  • Requires 2 coloring pencils in different colors

1. Object

Each player tries to put the maximum amount of their squares on the board.

2. Setup

Each player chooses a colouring pencil.

Randomly decide who goes first.

During the game, players decide which of their pieces to use, scratch them off from their side, and draw them on the board.

Pieces can be drawn rotated or flipped.

3. Rules of Play

The first piece drawn by each player must cover one of the starting places on the board (marked with a circle).

Image: blokus rules0

Each new piece that is played must touch another played piece of the same colour on the corners of any square. No two sides can ever meet of the same colour. Different colours, however, can touch their sides and even intersect.

Image: blokus rules1

Game pieces can be placed in any direction on the board. Once they are placed they must remain in that position for the duration of the game.

4. End of game and scoring

When a player is blocked from being able to make a move, the game ends for them. When both players are blocked from making moves, they count the number of individual squares they have left in their reserve (each piece is composed of several squares).

The player who has the least amount of squares remaining is the winner. If a player managed to use up all their pieces, they are the winner unless another player managed to use all of their pieces, as well as using their single square piece as the last piece placed on the board.

Based on the rules compiled by Adam Allett. Nov. 2011